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Changing paradigms

Many of us walk around with a pretty annoying script playing in our heads. It tells us things like, “I can’t do this,” or “maybe my parents were right about me” it runs over and over again in your mind what you shoulda, coulda, or woulda said.

While it’s normal to have negative thoughts from time to time, learning how to control these thoughts can be the difference between having peace or drifting into possible depression.. Toxic thinking can easily become a negative vicious cycle. If the cycle is not broken, it can and will negatively impact several areas of your life – Physically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. Have you ever tried to put a thought out of your head by telling yourself, “I have to let this go.”

If you’re like most people, that method doesn’t work very well. That’s because trying to get rid of a negative thought is like trying to run away from your own legs. The harder you try the more powerful it becomes.

In this training program, I will help you go over most of the negative thoughts you may be having, release them, build upon and step into your own power and self-love journey.

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